They See Me Rollin, December 2016 Monthly Miles Update

Total Miles: 52.6 (womp womp)

Total Rides: 12

Average Miles/Ride: 4.38

Average Miles/Week: 13.15

No fun pictures on this update since it was all done from my trusty CycleOps indoor trainer. All in all, December wasn’t spectacular BUT it was a step up from November. I was about 2/3 to my goal of riding 20 miles per week. I won’t beat myself up too much about it though because I kicked it into higher gear, pun intended, the last two weeks of the month and January started out strong (minus the fact that I am now sick as a dog).

So what next? Well January’s goal is going to be to hit at least 20 miles/week average.



They See Me Rolling – November 2016

Alright, so today was supposed to be the day for a monthly miles update, the FIRST ONE¬†actually. No excuses, November was a rough month for me to get any miles in and the ones I did get in, I barely recorded. We’re in the beginning/middle stages of planning/executing our relocation so this month kind of got away from me. I sucked, I admit it. However, I’ve already logged some miles for December to make up for the No Bike November (or at least what felt like it) so stay tuned on January 5th because I promise there will be an update then.

Photo credit: The Bold Italic Editors