Monday M.O.

So today I feel like crap but I came across this great article from Eleven about not worrying about fitting in with the norm when it comes to cycling, I sometimes struggle with that myself. But what grabbed my attention was the photo and quote they used (pictured) and it prompted me to hop on my indoor trainer for a few even though my couch/blanket/Netflix queue is calling to me. Despite all that, I will just ride, it may not be pretty, but it’s something.


Monday M.O.’s

We all get in slumps, like for me – right now. My husband and I are relocating to another state and this post month had been all about doing recon on where we want to move, figuring it finances, one of us finding a job first and the general mayhem that comes with preparing for major life changes. So getting my rides in has slipped a bit – OR A LOT – this month.

It got me thinking that maybe we could all use a pick me up or a pat on the back for a job well done. So starting today I will be posting a Monday M.O. M.O. if you’ve ever watched any crime drama is the way or reason someone does something, “modus operandi” is we want to get all Latin about it. Whether it’s just a gentle reminder to feel good or an update on my own progress, let’s just make Monday a positive start to the week. As this site grows I definitely would love to feature readers’ progress and personal breakthroughs too! So if you’ve got one to share hit me up!

Also, I need to give props to Secret Dream Life for this awesome photo! Perfect way to start out Motivational Mondays!