So I started a blog…

How original, right? Well I hope so because I couldn’t find a blog doing exactly what I was looking for – a space for a non-uber cyclist/semi pro/pro person’s opinions and experiences. There were some out there that fit the bill of the everyday biker, but few were women, and fewer still had taken the path I have. So I told myself “Self” (how cliche but stick with me here)… “Self, why don’t you toss your two cents in there?” So, here I am!

A short backstory: I grew up in Philly and only got to ride my bike in the summers when we would go down the shore (Philly lingo for the New Jersey shore… no not THAT Jersey Shore). I LOVED it and every year I looked forward to getting back on my bike because it meant freedom. I wasn’t allowed to ride in the city because apparently riding in the street meant instant roadkill status. Fast forward to 2016 – I live in Charlotte, I’m a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, have lost over 150 lbs on my own, and recently rediscovered that freedom year round. I’m also teaching myself how bikes work, proper maintenance, and all the cool things you can do with them – like I never knew cyclocross existed before now.

So this is what you’ll get from me, a non-pretensious, non-judgey, everyday biker’s take on the world of cycling. So you’ll get my personal experiences mixed with reviews, cool bikey things I’ve come across, possibly some tutorials (as I learn so can you), and I’m sure other stuff will find it’s way in there. I know I mentioned earlier that I didn’t find too many XX chromosomal takes, I don’t intend for this to be a women’s only club – there might be occasional anecdotes that are relevant to women but I’m all about inclusivity on here.

Still working out the details on a specific day/time you can expect updates to be available – stay tuned.

So go ahead and grab two wheels and take a ride with me.

Nikki signing off from the top of the tube.